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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Crimson & White Roundtable Roundup: Ole Miss Edition

1) What will Alabama have to do in order to regroup after the loss to South Carolina and prepare for Ole Miss?

After the loss in Columbia, this Alabama squad's array of shortcomings were impossible to ignore any longer. Issues that had been chalked up to circumstances over the first half of the season were now revealed as serious problems. Both Picture Me Rollin and Roll Bama Roll agreed that the scope of the concerns requires a comprehensive solution.

"It’s hard to put a finger on one particular thing that needs to be fixed," said Picture Me Rollin. "And thus it falls to the leaders of this team to step forward and push where needed.

The consequences of failing to do that, says Roll Bama Roll, are not pleasant to envision:

"So as nice as it is to think that all we needed was a wake up call and all of a sudden we're going to get our act together and start whipping hell out of everyone in our path, until I see it on Saturday, quite frankly, I'm shaking in my boots over what a suddenly potent Ole Miss offense could do to us."

DBH Dance Party goes deep into well for analogies, evoking Rocky and pick up basketball, before chalking the loss up to inevitable forces beyond our control. The key, he insists, is benefiting from the respite it offers and returning strong.

Third Saturday in Blogtober (3SIB) is succinct on how the Crimson Tide has to respond this Saturday -- at least on offense. "Run. The. Ball." While Tower of Bammer hears the name Houston Nutt and things of one word "Trickeration" then urges Alabama to prepare for it.

2) How does the Crimson Tide match up against the Rebels Black Bears going into Saturday?

Most of the roundtable had to admit to a certain degree of ignorance over the details of Ole Miss this season due to not seeing very many of their games. "They have an athletic quarterback and that gave Alabama’s defense trouble last week," said Picture Me Rollin. "But beyond that, I’m just not schooled enough in what they run or have to work with."

3SIB sees an advantage when Alabama's offense lines up against Ole Miss' defense but isn't as upbeat about the matchup on the other side of the ball. But, even there, the disparity of talent lies in the Tide's favor. Roll Bama Roll is a bit more dour, noting "we don't match up too well against them because, if we continue to play like we have on defense, we don't match up well against anyone right now."

Tower of Bammer offered a terse dismissal of Ole Miss as a whole but warned "do not doubt the value of a bye week." While DBH Dance Party says a Houston Nutt-led team is certain to rush and a game involving the man is likely to have "insane things" happen.

3) What is the biggest area of improvement you’d like Alabama make in this game?

Half the roundtable -- 3SIB and Tower of Bammer -- advocated improvement on the offensive side of the ball and half -- DBH Dance Party and Roll Bama Roll -- said the defense must step up. The exception was Picture Me Rollin who took a more general view and said there must be an overall urged an advancement in "focus and intensity" as well as execution.

On the offense, the biggest change, according to Tower of Bammer, has to come with Greg McElroy. "The Rhodes scholar needs to shut down his frontal lobe and summon his inner-gun-slinging-retard." 3SIB said the running game has to return and wants to see both Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson "go over the century mark and get a couple TDs each."

On the defense, DBH Dance Party wants to see the Crimson Tide's line step up. "This team cannot continue to allow itself to be shoved around at the line of scrimmage, because it's making the rest of the defense seem much more vulnerable." Roll Bama Roll concurred noting that rushing the passer must improve.

"The fact that we have been so consistently bullied at the point of attack is just alien to watch after we've been so dominant the last few years, and I really don't even know why."

4) What are your thoughts on the Ole Miss mascot debate?

Picture Me Rollin sees the mascot issue as a canard, diverting attention from the real issue plaguing Ole Miss. "The elitist attitude of maintaining the Southern Aristocracy has got to die out before it makes any difference what their mascot is." While Roll Bama Roll was unenthusiastically neutral. "Its none of my business to begin with, so whatevs man. Whatevs."

3SIB, on the other had, offered one of the more creative alternatives not considered by the university: "just make Houston Nutt the mascot. He’s as animated as any of the actual choices."

The issue forced Tower of Bammer to make a difficult confession; "As a fan-fiction writing nerd, I would’ve changed my fan allegiance if Admiral Akbar had won out." DBH Dance Party's response suggests a similar battle for his affections.

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